An Alberta Bestiary

An Alberta Bestiary: Animals of the Rolling Hills seeks to build on the traditions of the medieval bestiary and considers the unique animals of the Alberta mountains and foothills. From the perspective of a rancher who has an intimate knowledge of the landscape and animals, the feel and texture of natural life are illuminated in prose that is both stirring and humorous. With the author's sensitivity to the rhythms of the land, the animals and the heavens, the reader is drawn into the natural world where connections to historical knowledge underscore a passionate concern for the environment and humankindís responsibility to the world we share with all creatures.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
An Alberta Bestiary 1
Table of Contents 8
Foreword 10
Introduction 11
Prologue 15
Interlude 17
Bears 20
Interlude 28
Weight of a Bear on Water 29
Deer 30
Interlude 34
Wolf 36
Crossover – Unity, Affinity, Wild, Tamed 37
Fear interlude 41
Wasps and Flies 42
Interlude 43
Butterfly 44
Geese 47
Bulls 48
Interlude 56
The Cow and the Cat 58
Interlude 63
Willow 64
Interlude 66
Horns and Antlers 67
Farmer 68
Izaak 70
The Natural Circle 72
The Sound of the Wind 73
Cat Shooting 75
Interlude 76
Temple Grundun 77
Noah's Ark 79
Domestic: Wild Animals – dogs who have to be polite 80
Buckie – Secret Spots 81
Tribute to Buckie 85
Interlude 89
Birds 91
Harmony 95
The Garden of Eden 98