Government Information in Canada

Access and Stewardship


Government Information in Canada

Public access to government information forms the foundation of a healthy liberal democracy, but because this information can be precarious, it needs stewardship. Government Information in Canada provides analysis about the state of Canadian government information publishing. Practitioners from across the country draw on decades of experience and hands-on practice to offer a broad, well-founded survey of history, procedures, and emerging issues—particularly the challenges posed by the transition of government information from print to digital access. This is an indispensable book for librarians, archivists, researchers, journalists, and everyone who uses government information and wants to know more about its publication, circulation, and retention.

Contributors: Graeme Campbell, Talia Chung, Sandra Craig, Peter Ellinger, Darlene Fichter, Michelle Lake, Sam-chin Li, Steve Marks, Maureen Martyn, Catherine McGoveran, Martha Murphy, Dani J. Pahulje, Susan Paterson, Carol Perry, Caron Rollins, Gregory Salmers, Tom Smyth, Brian Tobin, Amanda Wakaruk, Nicholas Worby

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front cover 1
Title page 4
Copyright page 5
Dedication 6
Contents 8
Abbreviations 12
Introduction | Wakaruk & Li 14
I Historical Overviews 34
1 Government Publication Deposit Programs | Campbell, Lake & McGoveran 36
2 Library and Archives Canada | Smyth 80
3 Parliamentary Information in Canada | Chung & Martyn 112
4 Comissions and Tribunals | Rollins 150
II Provincial Landscape 184
5 Alberta Government Publishing | Pahulje 186
6 Saskatchewan Government Publications Deposit in the Legislative Library | Salmers 222
7 Inside Track | Craig & Murphy 244
8 Digitization of Government Publications | Perry, Tobin & Li 260
III Looking Forward 290
9 GALLOP Portal | Ellinger 292
10 The Canadian Government Information Digital Preservation Network | Wakaruk & Marks 308
11 Web Harvesting and Reporting Fugitive Government Documents | Paterson, Worby & Fitchter 328
Contributors 358
Index 364
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